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When your only hope is Russia

Putin is a dictator. He kills opponents, imprisons journalists or powerful tycoons who dare campaign against him. He sent its military on many occasions across frontiers on clear acts of agression (Georgia, Ukraine). Elections are jokes and the country is still very corrupt and only able to feed itself because of oil prices (well, not for long now that they plunged…).

Yet, Putin’s Russia is where a lot of people in Western Europe look at to find hope. Here’s why: because they have the will to live and outlast their enemies. Because they play their game with their set of rules for their own benefit. That’s it. And most Europeans now would welcome a strongman to deal with the multiple issues their current breed of politicians created (with their votes, and tax money!), just like Putin is. They want the strength, the want the decisiveness in action, the want to know that their leader has a strategy, ruthlessness, and will use force when the interest of the country (which miraculously intersect with the wallet of the leader’s family) are in jeopardy.

And that’s why Europe will soon be the home of another mass civil war/genocide. People will ask for leaders to rise, and when they will, Lord it’s going to get ugly.

The end of Europe

Europe is a very delicate place. It’s been built across millenias, from the Ancient Greeks to the Roman Empire, the historically and culturally rich Middle Ages, to the religious wars that tore the heartland of Europe during the 30 Years War. Revolutions, wars, industrial revolution, more wars, more culture, complete domination of the planet…

It took all that time, all that accumulated experience, to have these delicate societies, the laws, the customs, the food, the language, the culture that makes what Europe is. And when you travel there, it’s obvious at nearly every corner. And even in the places that have been totally brought down through wars (Berlin for instance!) are part of history, testament to the almost complete physical destructions some countries went through, yet survived and thrived.

But it’s coming to an end. The « migrants » will bring it down for good. Because they don’t share the culture, because they don’t understand why things are the way they are, they don’t understand the logic of our laws, customs. Some people will stop me at that point, and tell me « wait! they can learn! ». Well, no they can’t. They’re just unable to do it for a simple reason: they lack the necessary IQ, and we’re not enforcing the laws on them. So they’ll never learn.

Here’s some food for thought about the economical aspect of it:

(About the IQ: mean IQ in North Africa is 85, and standard dev is around 7 points, and given the shape of IQ distribution 95% of the population is within 2 standard deviation of the mean. For North Africa, 97.5% of the population has an IQ below 99. 100 is the average in Western Europe. 97.5% of immigrants from North Africa have a lower IQ than HALF the population of Europe.
Edit: sdev is 15 points, so my calculations above are wrong, and it’s not as bad as I say above, BUT it’s still bad. More here:

It takes only one side to start a war

France finally got its version of 9/11. Killing soldiers and Jewish elementary school children wasn’t outrageous enough. Killing cartoonists and yet more Jews didn’t make the cut either. After all, like Kerry said, killing the cartoonists was kind of understandable and there’s enough anti-semitism to fill volumes (disguised under support to « Palestine » or « jews control the world« ).
Attacks on a chemical plant (one person beheaded), or on a church (one woman shot dead) were not enough to wake up French people. Who cares about isolated incidents? Then there was the infamous Thalys attack, which would have been a massacre save for… American tourists! So it took 130+ dead, hundreds of wounded, lots of orphans, probably some people left disabled, for the French to wake up.

French didn’t know, ignored it, but they were at war way before 13th of November. Not fighting didn’t make it less of a war, it just made escalation inevitable.

Terrorist attacks in Paris.

Twice in 2015, people are killed by terrorists using AK47, in Paris. The screenshot below (from mainstream radio Europe1) says « shooting » as if they were random events. Completely delusional. France is now in a civil war. Bloodbath will inevitably follow.


The religion of peace

The Religion of Peace never fails to bring new evidence of its peacefullness. European friends, you know the same guys perpretating the massacres are now crossing the Mediterranean sea in great numbers? You’re opening your doors to them, and you’re now a few feet away from the abyss. You’re fools, because now you’ve set the stage for a new genocide. In the end, it will be you, or them. Will you have the guts to stand up and survive?

The stupid, it hurts!

Once Greeks had chosen a communist government over a socialist one (Tsirpas over Papandreou), the endgame was clear: default. Debt levels are just too high, and Greece as a whole is not productive enough and worse, not willing to produce more anyway to pay off its debts. Basically, the money printing by the ECB just went to Greeks through some government programs, a cut for the bankers etc. None went to actually fund any kind of project to fuel real production. You know, like building USEFUL things, buying machines, a new hotel, or anything of the kind.

So, what now? Well, default of course. But then, is there some hope? Well, to understand how Greece put itself where it is, let’s go back a few centuries, with the Ottoman Empire rule over Greece:

This period of Ottoman rule had a profound impact in Greek society, as new elites emerged. The Greek land-owning aristocracy that traditionally dominated the Byzantine Empire suffered a tragic fate, and was almost completely destroyed. The new leading class in Ottoman Greece were the prokritoi[7] (πρόκριτοι in Greek) called kocabaşis by the Ottomans. The prokritoi were essentially bureaucrats and tax collectors, and gained a negative reputation for corruption and nepotism.

Yup, that’s from wikipedia. Their elite has been bureaucrats and tax collectors. You now know why their favourite sport is tax evasion. In recent times,  Greeks repeatedly made clear that they want their cake and eat it too. They want the others to pay for their swimming pools, retirement and healthcare. They’ve been brainwashed  and will NOT choose the only course that could get them out of the hole they themselves dug. Nope, they’re going to double down. They’ll print money probably, which will devaluate more or less rapidly. They’ll blame speculators for that, capitalists, entrepreneurs, bankers. Then supermarkets shelves will become empty. And they’ll again blame speculators, jews, and germans. And they’ll impose price controls over food, toilet paper and some other items. Then the infrastructure will start crumbling, subway lines won’t run anymore, because they won’t have the cash to pay for parts. And they’ll blame somebody else again.

Basically, Greece is now the first failed European state. It’s becoming Argentina-bis.

(and that’s another reason I moved to Canada from France: France will follow in less than a decade)

Socialism doesn’t only destroy wealth, it destroys people too

There are endless debates about free market versus government managed economy (call it socialism, crony capitalism, communism, fascism as well…).  What people fail to grasp is where this all leads at the end of the road (to serfdom). Of course socialism destroys economies, as it has been the case everywhere it’s been « tried », and that’s been the case throughout the majority of human history (no freedom of association, no property rights…) and still is for most of the world (think Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Russia…), but it does more than that. Socialism utterly destroys people culturally, mentally, physically.

France, by destroying its culture, by forcing islam on its population through education (state controlled of course, mandatory of course), is going full steam. But it’s also killing innovation, creativity. In a decade or two, there won’t be enough people to run the nuclear powerplants, the trains, and there already are major shortages of every kind of health care professional. People become damaged goods. Unable to think independently, unable to take any kind of initiative, always seeking risk-free paths, even if it means certain failure but acceptable because it’s the politically correct thing to do or there’s a consensus to do it. And when these people have kids, they raise them in the same values. They may feel the pain, they can’t fight the core values they’ve been told to hold dear for years.

France is doomed.

Muh Russia

There are many putin apologists, some funded by Russia, some by sheer gullibility or stupidity, but there’s one clear thing: since 2008, Georgia and then Ukraine were both invaded with Russian hardware, money, troops and some locals have been trained by Russia to maintain a straight face.

So, the baltic states are next, and NATO should help them. Otherwise it will be Poland next, then what?

Still on track…

So, back in 2008, I wrote  a post about Iran going nuclear, Iraq being lost to islamists etc. Well, we’re 2015 and I got the timing wrong but what’s the situation so far:

  • Iran will have nukes soon,
  • Iraq is half ruled by ISIS, and the south is controlled by Shia militias connected to Iran,
  • Yemen is almost lost to Iran controlled militias, save for a few cities and ports,
  • Syria’s in ruins,
  • Christians are massacred from Lybia to Iraq (including in Egypt, where Coptic suffered greatly)
  • Russia invaded Ukraine,
  • Africa is now in big trouble from Nigeria to Kenya thanks to islam (again),
  • Norks have 20 nukes at least (according to China) and can produce 20 more a year

So, in light of this, Obama is even worse than I could ever imagine. I was wrong on the schedule, Iran is still a year (or less, or bit more) away from having a nuke for instance, but it will come (unless Israel decides to delay it, if that’s still possible).

World’s getting a darker place.  It’s still a year and a half to the next US Presidential election, and none of the current potential candidates seem to be able to articulate any kind of foreign policy to deal with all the issues.

That religion of peace

The Religion of Peace made new victims:


Some will say these kids were not murdered because of religious concerns. Well, yes, they weren’t. It’s more a cultural thing. And where does that culture come from? A religion that allows marriage with 6 year old girls (don’t worry, no intercourse before they reach the age of 9). A religion that allows stoning (adultery), hanging (homosexuality), death penalty (whichever form) for apostasy etc etc.