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Still on track…

So, back in 2008, I wrote  a post about Iran going nuclear, Iraq being lost to islamists etc. Well, we’re 2015 and I got the timing wrong but what’s the situation so far:

  • Iran will have nukes soon,
  • Iraq is half ruled by ISIS, and the south is controlled by Shia militias connected to Iran,
  • Yemen is almost lost to Iran controlled militias, save for a few cities and ports,
  • Syria’s in ruins,
  • Christians are massacred from Lybia to Iraq (including in Egypt, where Coptic suffered greatly)
  • Russia invaded Ukraine,
  • Africa is now in big trouble from Nigeria to Kenya thanks to islam (again),
  • Norks have 20 nukes at least (according to China) and can produce 20 more a year

So, in light of this, Obama is even worse than I could ever imagine. I was wrong on the schedule, Iran is still a year (or less, or bit more) away from having a nuke for instance, but it will come (unless Israel decides to delay it, if that’s still possible).

World’s getting a darker place.  It’s still a year and a half to the next US Presidential election, and none of the current potential candidates seem to be able to articulate any kind of foreign policy to deal with all the issues.