Socialism doesn’t only destroy wealth, it destroys people too

There are endless debates about free market versus government managed economy (call it socialism, crony capitalism, communism, fascism as well…).  What people fail to grasp is where this all leads at the end of the road (to serfdom). Of course socialism destroys economies, as it has been the case everywhere it’s been « tried », and that’s been the case throughout the majority of human history (no freedom of association, no property rights…) and still is for most of the world (think Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Russia…), but it does more than that. Socialism utterly destroys people culturally, mentally, physically.

France, by destroying its culture, by forcing islam on its population through education (state controlled of course, mandatory of course), is going full steam. But it’s also killing innovation, creativity. In a decade or two, there won’t be enough people to run the nuclear powerplants, the trains, and there already are major shortages of every kind of health care professional. People become damaged goods. Unable to think independently, unable to take any kind of initiative, always seeking risk-free paths, even if it means certain failure but acceptable because it’s the politically correct thing to do or there’s a consensus to do it. And when these people have kids, they raise them in the same values. They may feel the pain, they can’t fight the core values they’ve been told to hold dear for years.

France is doomed.

  1. The stupid, it hurts! | Le monde à l'envers - pingback on dimanche 5 juillet 2015 at 21 h 52 min

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