When will Europeans finally stand up?

I fled Europe to protect my kids and save my soul. When faced with death or survival while destroying part of your soul, many choose the latter option. As all sensible options are removed (read: political changes, effective policing, economical reforms, close the borders…), and the situation degrades further (read: bombings, growing unrest, unemployment and mass poverty) there will soon be only one option left: revolution. When Europeans finally throw their corrupt and inept government through the window, what’s next is very predictable: genocide, civil war, mass graves, killing fields, ethnic cleansing, religious war. That’s what’s going to happen. And that’s why I cowardly fled.

  1. Cowardly? Not so.

    « He who flees and runs away
    Lives to fight another day. »

    That’s the first English I learned, from the manual for Wizardry.

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