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Muh Russia

There are many putin apologists, some funded by Russia, some by sheer gullibility or stupidity, but there’s one clear thing: since 2008, Georgia and then Ukraine were both invaded with Russian hardware, money, troops and some locals have been trained by Russia to maintain a straight face.

So, the baltic states are next, and NATO should help them. Otherwise it will be Poland next, then what?

How long would a North Korean offensive last?

I was randomly browsing Strategy Page today, and came across this:

it is increasingly doubtful if the North Korean combat forces could get very far during an invasion of South Korea. Despite all that a lot of North Korean troops are believed to be reliable enough to carry out orders to invade South Korea, for a while at least, and that could end up doing a lot of damage to Seoul (the southern capital where half the population and a quarter of the GDP are)

Well, I’ve got an idea for the South Koreans. Place HUGE depots of brand new cars, warehouses of tablets, smartphones, 75″ TVs, supermarkets filled with items never seen in the north on the way to Seoul. Make EVERY kilometer a temptation. How long would the discipline be maintained when the LOOT would be all over the troops? I bet they’d stop at the first supermarket, wonder about the microwave, fall in love to Hyuna or other kpop idols on the TVs. Political commissars would be unable to stop the troops from staring at girls taller and healthier than any Norks they could lay their eyes upon, all that food and gagdets they’d never seen before! And it would be over in half a day.