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When your only hope is Russia

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Putin is a dictator. He kills opponents, imprisons journalists or powerful tycoons who dare campaign against him. He sent its military on many occasions across frontiers on clear acts of agression (Georgia, Ukraine). Elections are jokes and the country is still very corrupt and only able to feed itself because of oil prices (well, not for long now that they plunged…).

Yet, Putin’s Russia is where a lot of people in Western Europe look at to find hope. Here’s why: because they have the will to live and outlast their enemies. Because they play their game with their set of rules for their own benefit. That’s it. And most Europeans now would welcome a strongman to deal with the multiple issues their current breed of politicians created (with their votes, and tax money!), just like Putin is. They want the strength, the want the decisiveness in action, the want to know that their leader has a strategy, ruthlessness, and will use force when the interest of the country (which miraculously intersect with the wallet of the leader’s family) are in jeopardy.

And that’s why Europe will soon be the home of another mass civil war/genocide. People will ask for leaders to rise, and when they will, Lord it’s going to get ugly.

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