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Life in Montreal

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Today a headline caught my eyes:

Montréal (Aude). Pierre, 82 ans, victime d’un home-jacking est décédé ce matin

How unsettling, because I happen to live very close to Montreal, right? Well not so much. It happened in Montreal, FRANCE, actually in a very rural area, supposedly immune to violence according to many in France (who came to acknowledgethat violence is widespread in cities, like 20 years after it was obvious to anyone).

In Montreal, QC, there are no guards behind each cashier. In Montreal, QC, you can wear miniskirts, and tank tops. In Montreal, QC, you can take the subway anytime anywhere and never feel unsafe. In Montreal, QC, you don’t need to change sidewalks because some group of « racailles » (thugs) come in the opposite way. In Montreal, QC, you don’t have cops patrolling on feet everywhere, not making you feel any safer. In Montreal, QC, firetrucks don’t need police to clear the way before they put out fires.

And I could go on and on and on.

France is an awful place, bitter, full of anger, resentment, violent.

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